AR Technology makes usual things come to life by adding computer-generated sensory input including audio and video simulation. In the context of AR sandbox (iSandBOX) augmented reality is represented by 3D textures such as rivers, oceans, erupting volcanoes, grass, snow with luscious music and sounds of nature.

iSandBOX construction consists of a box filled with regular beach sand, a depth sensor and a projector on the top that produces interactive images onto the sand. By moving and building the sand, user can create erupting volcanoes, rivers, oceans, mountains

Augmented Reality is here!!

The Benefits of iSandbox

Educational Value

iSandBOX is well-regarded by many kindergartens, schools, psychology and therapy centers and even science museums.

As an educational tool iSandBOX is great for fun and interactive lessons about environment, nature and science where kids can build landscapes, learn colors and figures, observe different natural phenomena and do many other interesting things.

Therapeutic Value

Sandplay is known as a widespread therapeutic method that facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing.

During sand therapy a person can engage with the outer and inner world, improve concentration, social skills, motor development. iSandBOX with its colorful modes allows to increase the efficiency of therapy sessions making it more functional and interesting for wider audience.

iSandbox Modes

iSandBOX Software is a pioneering development powered by AR technology designed by experienced team of IT-engineers of UTS. It includes 13 amazing modes at the moment.

Some of these 13 modes are shown below


This is a dynamic scene that replicates the coming of the Ice Age. During 30 seconds, the color of the sand changes into ice from the highest points to the lowest. When more than half of the surface is covered in ice, the snowstorm begins. This scene explains the natural phenomena of snow, ice, temperatures and how they depend on the landscape, Ice Age and how it influenced the modern world.


To create a volcano, build a high mountain with round top and create a vent. The volcano erupts realistic lava that flows down the slope and gathers in the plains. This process is very entertaining and colorful and can be used for learning the nature of magma, lava and rifts in the earth core.


To create a waterfall put out your hand above the sand and spread your fingers. The waterfall appears in the form of water flowing through the shadow of your hand – it flows down the hills and gathers in the plains. You can simulate mountain rivers, water reservoirs, floods and dam breaks. Water is very physically realistic, as it sparkles and flows like real water would.


This mode replicates the living and breathing ocean. Exotic fish and sharks swim in the water, crabs and turtles roam through beaches, corals flourish on the ocean floor, palms and other trees grow on islands. Every animal has its own habitat and behavior. Days are changed by nights – animals are highlighted and shadows grow on land.

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